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Strickland to Head MV Pro Audio Sales Team

December 1, 2009, Santa Barbara, CA:
"The door opened and there he was, MacBook Pro in hand. Before I knew it, he was sitting at my desk--in my chair--making sales calls. What other option did I have but to hire him?" And so goes the story of how long-time music industry fixture Brad Strickland assumed the helm as the new Director of Sales at MV Pro Audio.Brad Strickland

"I couldn't be more thrilled to have Brad on board," continued MV Pro Audio president Michael Marans. "First of all, Brad has tremendous experience, having been deeply involved with the sales and marketing efforts of some of the most respected brands in our industry. Second, his relationships with dealers are unequaled. And third, with him here, I'll have a lot less work to do."

Strickland's history includes a long tenure with Korg USA followed by six years at Ilio. He's been deeply involved with sales, market development, advertising and promotion, artist relations, and logistics and planning. His resume even includes a stint as co-manager of the band Little Feat, and he plays a mean guitar. (Well, perhaps not mean, but certainly surly.)

Brad can be contacted toll-free at 877-784-7383, or via email at sales@mvproaudio.com. And, of course, he'll be hosting a variety of meet 'n' greets at NAMM in the MV Pro Audio booth, #6624 in Hall A.

"Come on down," invited Strickland. "I only bite when I'm mad."


Softube Releases Native Format Tube-Tech CL 1B Compressor

October 1, 2009, Santa Barbara, CA: Kicking off the final quarter of 2009 in grand style, Swedish DSP audio gurus Softube have begun shipping a native format plug-in version of the venerable Lydkraft/Tube-Tech CL 1B Compressor. The highly-revered hardware unit, a staple in pro recording studios for over two decades, has remained “fantasy fodder” for many musicians thanks to its $3,000+ price tag. With a special launch price of only $299.99, the new native CL 1B plug-in is well within the reach of virtually any DAW-based recording musician.

Softube received numerous accolades, along with widespread user-adoption, for their first software emulation of the CL 1B, which they Softube Tube-Tech CL 1B Compressorcreated for the TDM and TC PowerCore platforms. The native version features the same painstakingly-constructed modeling algorithms, but sports additional features. For starters, Softube doubled up the capabilities and enabled the unit to operate in stereo. (Purists should note that the left and right channels are linked for phase accuracy.) Then they topped things off with a new external sidechain input that lets you trigger the compressor from the selected source audio—just the thing for creating classic effects like locking the bass drum compression to the kick. (Note that RTAS and AU hosts support sidechain inputs; please check your VST host to determine if this feature is implemented.)

The hardware CL 1B has always been noted for its pure, uncolored, natural compression. As to the plug-in’s sonic performance, that’s perhaps best summed up by Tube-Tech designer and president John Petersen, who noted that the native CL 1B is “a truly faithful and very exact replica of the hardware CL 1B. Finally it’s possible to experience natural musical compression in a plug-in.”

The CL 1B plug-in is designed for use with Mac and PC, and with VST/AU/RTAS-compatible host DAWs. Through the month of October, 2009, it is being offered at a discounted introductory price of only $299.99. On November 1st, 2009, the price will revert to $399.99. The plug-in is available for purchase at all authorized MV Pro Audio dealers; a fully-functional 10-day trial version can be downloaded at www.softube.com.


Waldorf Largo Softsynth Arrives at North American Music Retailers

June 12, 2009, Santa Barbara, CA: The highly-anticipated Largo softsynth from Waldorf Synthesizers GmbH in Germany is now available from authorized MV Pro Audio dealers in the U.S. and Canada. The new synth is the culmination of two decades of Waldorf’s trend-setting technological achievements, and features the company’s virtual analog/wavetable synthesis engine housed in a graphic user interface that makes programming sounds both easy and intuitive.Largo Softsynth

“Waldorf’s engineers took great pains to faithfully duplicate the sound of their legendary hardware synths,” explained Michael Marans, president of MV Pro Audio, Waldorf’s North American distributor. “At the same time, Largo also takes full advantage of modern-day computer capabilities, giving users a high voice count, an elegant user interface, and a programming workflow that’s extremely musical.”

Boasting a collection of classic Waldorf wavetables, multiple oscillators (including sub oscillators), dual multi-mode filters, an extraordinarily deep modulation matrix, on-board effects, and the unmistakeably Waldorfian “clever” arpeggiator, Largo offers a wealth of unique and sophisticated timbral possibilities for computer-based musicians. Today’s generation of synth programmers will appreciate both the enormous range of parameters and immediate access to all major functions, while old-school synthesists will feel right at home with the decidedly analog vibe of the parameter operation and interaction.

“Largo really exposes the inner workings of Waldorf synths to the user,” Marans continued. “So moving beyond the factory presets is quite intuitive, even for musicians who haven’t had experience programming a wavetable instrument.” Nearly all of Largo’s parameters can be automated via the host DAW software, and each patch can contain up to four layers, with each and every parameter—including effects and arpeggiation—independently programmable per layer.

Like Waldorf’s Blofeld synth, Largo takes its name from a James Bond villain. “We prefer to think of it as coming from the Latin largus, which means 'copious and abundant,'” mused Marans. “It’s one big mutha of a synth.”

Largo, which has a street price under $250, runs on Mac and PC and is designed for use with VST- and AU-compatible host DAWS. Click here for a list of MV Pro Audio dealers.

Limited Time Offer: Exclusive MV Pro Audio Softube EPIC Bundle - Seven Stellar Plug-Ins at One Incredible Low Price

June 1, 2009, Santa Barbara, CA:
“Value? You want value? We got value … ginormous value!” And with those words, thoughtfully uttered by MV Pro Audio executive VP Dino “It’s Just Plain Big” Virella, MV Pro Audio announced the arrival of the Softube EPIC Bundle--seven Softube modeled plug-ins in a single, money-saving package. Softube, based in Sweden, has made its mark delivering plug-ins noted for their exceptional sonic quality. The models contained in the EPIC bundle are the same feature-rich versions found in the popular stand-alone applications.

Amplifier models included are Vintage Amp Room, featuring three of the classic amps that define the sound of rock ‘n’ roll; Metal Amp Room, power-packed with tools for serious shredding; and the brand new Bass Amp Room, which provides everything you need for solid low end, including a custom DI. All three programs feature multiple cabinets, positionable microphones, and clean, clear interfaces that emulate using the gear in a studio setting. Amp signals can be freely routed among cabinets--even to third-party cabinet simulators or live rigs--and any DAW track can be routed to an amp room cabinet, allowing the signal to be remiked for ambient effects.

Effects processing includes the renowned Acoustic Feedback, for creating screamin’ guitar sounds; Tube Delay, which combines the warmth of a classic analog delay with precise digital control; Spring Reverb, which delivers the unique retro sound of true springs (including the unmistakable “oops, I kicked my amp” sound); and FET Compressor, one of those rare plug-ins that actually looks as amazing as it sounds--and vice-versa.

The Softube EPIC Bundle carries an estimated street price of $699.99--a savings of nearly $250 over buying the plug-ins individually. Designed for both Mac and PC, the plug-ins work with any VST/AU/RTAS-compatible host application.

The EPIC Bundle is an exclusive offering of MV Pro Audio, and is being made available for a limited time only through MV Pro Audio’s network of North American music retailers. Click here for a list of MV Pro Audio dealers.

New Softube Amp Room Bundle Delivers Advanced Guitar & Bass Amp Models at Value Price

May 14, 2009, Santa Barbara, CA: Softube has made its mark in the plug-in world as the “quality over quantity company,” offering a range of high-end amp models that focus on exceptional sonic performance rather than an overload of bells and whistles. Now, with the release of the value-priced Amp Room Bundle--which includes the company’s acclaimed Vintage Amp Room, Metal Amp Room, and nBass Amp Roomew Bass Amp Room plug-in suites--end-users can now enjoy Softube’s superb “direct-to-DAW” models at a price that doesn’t break the bank.

Vintage Amp Room features three of the classic amps that define the sound of rock ‘n’ roll; Metal Amp Room is power-packed with tools for serious shredding; Bass Amp Room provides everything you need for solid low end, including a custom DI. All three programs feature multiple cabinets, positionable microphones, and clean, clear interfaces that emulate using the gear in a studio setting. Amp signals can be freely routed among cabinets--even to third-party cabinet simulators or live rigs--and any DAW track can be routed to an amp room cabinet, allowing the signal to be remiked for ambient effects.

The amps themselves offer the most faithful reproductions of hardware possible, utilizing patented technology that not only accurately models the individual components and circuitry, but also the interactions of components. The result is a playing experience that is remarkably close to that of a live hardware setup.

The Amp Room Bundle has an estimated street price of $499.99--a $160 savings over the cost of purchasing the included programs individually. The Bundle, along with the complete line of Softube products, can be found at fine music retailers throughout the Americas. (Please visit www.mvproaudio.com/dealers.html for details.) The Amp Room Bundle is designed for use on both Mac and PC, and supports VST, AU, and RTAS formats.

"How Swede It Is!" Rebate Program Rolled Out for Softube Modeled Plug-Ins       PROGRAM EXTENDED THROUGH APRIL 30th

February 25, 2009, Santa Barbara, CA:
Of all the fabulous contributions our friend the Swedes have made to the world--Smörgåsbord, IKEA, Bergman films, and of course, snow bunnies--perhaps none have had a more profound and lasting impact than the superb modeled guitar amp, effects, and signal processing plug-ins from Softube AB. And now, thanks to a generous rebate program from MV Pro Audio, distributors in the Americas of Softube products, the full range of Softube plug-ins are now more affordable than ever.

Between now and April 30th, 2009, customers who purchase Softube’s Vintage Amp Room. Metal Amp Room, Effects Bundle, or FET Compressor plug-ins from an authorized MV Pro Audio dealer are eligible for a cash rebate directly
from MV Pro Audio. To receive the rebate, purchasers simply fill out the online form and mail it in,
along with proof of purchase. Metal Amp Room

“The program is simplicity itself,” noted Dino Virella, MVPA’s executive vice president. “Send in your rebate request, and we’ll mail out a check faster than you can say ‘min svävare är full med ålar.*’”

* Loosely translated as: “Softube plug-ins taste great, and pack more nutritional value than a full
serving of lutefisk.”)

Rebates run from $20 on the Effects Bundle and Metal Amp Room plug-ins to $25 on the Native versions of Vintage Amp Room and the FET Compressor; $30 rebates are offered for the TDM versions of those two programs. A downloadable rebate form, complete with the rules and regulations governing the program is available at www.mvproaudio.com/SoftubeRebate.pdf.

Based on patented technology, Softube plug-ins are distinguished by their focus on accuracy and
sonic quality, with an emphasis on delivering the most realistic hardware-like experience possible. “I am thoroughly impressed,” related recent adopter of the FET Compressor, producer / songwriter Scott
Spock of The Matrix (Avril Lavigne, Jason Mraz, Korn, Shakira, Christina Aguilera, David Bowie, Britney Spears). “I will be swapping out some of my other compressors in my master Pro Tools template for the FET!”

Softube plug-ins are designed for use on both Mac and PC, and support VST, AU, RTAS, and TDM / Venue formats.


New Softube FET Compressor: Lookin’ Good…Sounding Great!

December 18, 2008, Santa Barbara, CA: Beginning with an exceptionally detailed and accurate emulation of a world class vintage analog compressor, and finishing with a finely-tuned feature set targeted for today’s sophisticated production environments, the boys from Linköping--aka Softube--today announced the release of their newest modeled plug-in, the FET Compressor.

As with previous Softube designs, including the acclaimed Vintage Amp Room and Metal Amp Room guitar amp emulations, the FET Compressor is based on component-level modeling combined with higher level modeling of the components’ interactions--an approach used to accurately capture the performance nuances of the original hardware. Great attention was paid to moFET Compressordeling the behavior of complete sections of the original circuits (quirks and all), including the input and output stages, gain-reduction feedback loops, subtle (and not so subtle) distortions, bias differences of various transistors, and the like.

Once the fundamentals were nailed, the team began implementing enhanced features designed for today’s sophisticated computer-based recording musicians. For example, you can instantly dial into the preset ratios found on the original hardware, but you can also smoothly sweep across ratios to the “tweeners.” So when 12:1 is too little and 20:1 is too much, you’ve got 13.6:1 and 17.25:1 and 19.4:1—or pretty much anything your ears desire. And yes, even the “all four buttons in” mode (which you weren’t supposed to do, but sure sounded great) has been modeled.

Other features include a blazing fast 20 microsecond attack time, a look-ahead function adjustable up to 1ms, low- and high-cut filters on the detector to allow for frequency-dependent input response, built-in parallel compression, an external sidechain input (with variable gain), input and gain reduction VU meters, a peak output meter, and true stereo mode, which eliminates phase anomalies when the FET Compressor is strapped across a stereo bus for mastering.

Equipped with an eye-catching interface that harkens back to the days of vintage hi-fi gear, the FET Compressor boasts simple operation accessed via a minimum of knobs. Deeper functionality is also immediately accessible from the front panel, so both novices and power users will find the piece intuitive and easy to operate. In short, the interface was designed to put users on a fast track to great sound.

Available in both Native (VST/AU/RTAS; approximately $249.99) and TDM/VENUE (approximately $399.99) formats, the FET Compressor will begin arriving in retail stores across North America shortly after the winter NAMM show in January, 2009. The plug-in will be demonstrated at the show by Softube’s developers in MV Pro Audio’s booth, 1114, Hall E.      Product details...

Waldorf Blofeld $50 Cash Rebate Program Extended…
Happy Holidays Guaranteed for Everyone!
Blofeld Holiday Module

December 2nd, 2008, Santa Barbara, CA: “Nobody wants to see a surly keyboard player at their holiday party,” trumpeted Dino “The Snowman” Virella, executive vice president of MV Pro Audio, distributor of Waldorf synthesizers in North America. “So we’re holding over our $50 Blofeld rebate until the very last second of Christmas eve. Now everyone—even musicians who’ve been naughty—can afford to make a joyful noise. Ho, ho, ho!”

With a street price of $749 and a $50 rebate from MV Pro Audio, the acclaimed Blofeld desktop synth module is now available for only $699—a significant price reduction made possible by an ever-weakening Euro. “Nobody’s bells jingle as sweet as Blofeld’s,” opined MV Pro Audio’s president Michael Marans. “And as for I Had a Little Dreidel orchestrated with wavetables…oy!”

The rebate program covers Blofeld module purchases made from authorized U.S. or Canadian Waldorf dealers between October 8th, 2008 and midnight, December 24th, 2008. Customers receive their rebates directly from MV Pro Audio after they’ve made their best deal on a Blofeld at their favorite music retailer.

A downloadable rebate form containing the rules and regulations governing the program is available here.

Softube Metal Amp Room V1.1 Update Shreds Pre-Configured Amp/Cabinet Restrictions

November 19, 2008, Santa Barbara, CA: It wasn’t a pretty scene: Four baby-faced Swedish guitarists-cum-software engineers stumbling out of the lab, glassy-eyed, limbs akimbo, muscle-Ts ripped. Several of the boys had fresh traces of blood trickling down from their ears; one pulled nervously at the large steel stud that pierced his tongue. Suddenly, without warning, Torsten “thrasher” Gatu simply collapsed, his shoulders heaving as he began to sob uncontrollably. Bandmates Niklas and Oscar rushed to his side, digging deep into their inner selves to find the strength to console their fallen comrade. Several moments of anxious silence passed before the normally stoic Arvid summoned the courage to give voice to the unspeakable reality behind the intensely distressing scene: “Version 1.1 of Metal Amp Room is officially released.”

Metal Amp Room, a modeled simulation of a high-gain “metal-style” guitar amp for VST/AU/RTAS-compatible DAWS, has become the go-to plug-in for computer-based recording musicians since its introduction in summer 2008. Featuring proprietary tube modeling technology, dual cabinets with dual microphones, and a core set of controls geared specifically for zeroing in on aggressively brutal “shred” tone, MAR has been garnering critical acclaim from reviewers and players alike for its no-nonsense “tone direct” guitarist-to-DAW approach.

Version 1.1 adds the capability to route the signal from the MAR amp directly to the user’s own speaker cabinet, either true hardware or a software simulation. “We found that a number of players and producers have custom cabinet sims designed with impulse responses from famous recording studios,” explained a heavily tattooed Niklas Odelholm, Softube’s lead product manager. “Now they have the flexibility to combine the MAR amp with their favorite, personalized cabinet. Dude, it’s crazy!”

Conversely, the MAR cabinets can now be driven by any signal, allowing them to be used with virtually any amp head or audio source--real or simulated. Musicians can take any sound, from vocals to guitars to drums, route it to the MAR cabinets, and add ambient effects by remiking the sound using MAR’s built-in variable position programmable microphones.

Added Oscar Öberg, the group’s chief scientist and composer of the band’s anthemic V1.1 theme song Bypass or I’ll Kill You, “It’ll make your head explode.”


Waldorf Blofeld Synth Prices Slashed as Euro Downward Spiral Continues

October 27, 2008, Santa Barbara, CA: MV Pro Audio, North American distributor of Waldorf GmbH products, today announced a dramatic reduction in the price of the critically acclaimed Blofeld desktop synthesizer. Previously available at a “street” price of $899.99, Blofeld is now being offered at $749.99. Coupled with a $50 customer rebate program introduced earlier this month, the advertised price of the synth powerhouse now sits at an all-time low of $699.99.

“You can thank the weak Euro for both the price reduction and the rebate,” noted MV Pro Audio president Michael Marans. “We’ve been getting killed by the Euro, but in the last few weeks it’s fallen through the floor. So we’re passing the windfall onto our customers. That’s just the kind of swell folks we are. You know, real friendly-like.”

Since its introduction, Blofeld’s street price had climbed steadily as the dollar weakened
against the Euro and import costs skyrocketed.

“We’re really happy to be able to share the savings with our end users” beamed Dino Virella, MV Pro Audio’s executive vice president. “And the icing on the cake is that we’re introducing the new Blofeld keyboard at only $1,299.99—far less than we originally anticipated.”

The new lower prices should be appearing at retailers throughout the U.S. and Canada shortly. The $50 rebate coupons, along with the rules governing the program, can be downloaded


Softube Vintage Amp Room Delivers Raw, Unadulterated Tone to Guitar Amp Purists

October 23, 2008, Santa Barbara, CA: While most audio DSP engineers devote themselves to creating the perfect and the pristine, Softube’s team of brilliant young coders took a decidedly different tact: Modeling the non-linearities of tubes, speakers, spring reverbs, power amps, and a variety of esoteric audio gear. Why follow the retro path from rocket scientist to rock ‘n’ roll scientist? Simple: The team discovered early on that the human ear totally ignores many of the fine sonic details found in traditional models, and instead zeroes in on the crazy stuff, which the ear finds pleasing. In musicianspeak, it’s why so much of the coolest gear has tubes.

With that insight--and a healthy dose of patented technology in hand--Vintage Amp Room™ was born. Comprising three classic amps, the software suite provides a powerful direct path between the guitarist and the DAW, replicating, with uncanny accuracy, the true performance of real, live, hardware amplifiers. Not bogged down with fancy un-guitar-amp-like parameters, bunches of over-effected presets, or layers of geekspeak tech nonsense, the amp, speaker
cabinet, and microphone models in Vintage Amp Room allow
serious guitarists to dive right into the heart of the matter: tone.

Asked about the appreciably outstanding quality of the models, Softube founder and lead engineer Oscar Öberg offered “Well, of course, we have multiple proprietary designs, we model every capacitor, resistor, diode, and tube in the circuit, and we utilize resonance modeled IIR filters with extraordinary numerical stability.
But more importantly, we have some serious secret mojo.”

“And we get to live in Sweden!” chorused Niklas and Torsten, two of the company’s illustrious programming gurus, whose simultaneous outburst was just a teeny bit creepy thanks to their matching snowsuits.

Now distributed in the Americas by MV Pro Audio, the complete line
of Softube products can be found at fine music retailers. Available for both Mac and PC, and in VST, AU, RTAS, and TDM formats, the
product lineup includes Vintage Amp Room, Metal Amp Room,
Spring Reverb, Tube Delay, and Acoustic Feedback. A value-priced
Effect Bundle, containing the Reverb, Delay, and Feedback plug-ins, is also available.

Euro Crash Yields Waldorf Blofeld Cash Rebate; Synthesists Across North America Revel in New-Found Riches!

October 8, 2008, Santa Barbara, CA: Responding today to what can only be characterized as one of the more ingenious financial schemes concocted by Wall Street money manipulators, MV Pro Audio announced a $50 cash rebate to purchasers of the hugely popular Waldorf Blofeld desktop synth module. The rebate program, which runs from October 8th, 2008 through November 30th, 2008, pays Blofeld purchasers directly from the MV Pro Audio coffers---after they’ve made their best deal on the unit at their favorite music retailer.

“Most people think the mortgage meltdown and resulting credit crisis were the result of mismanagement and greed,” offered MV Pro Audio president Michael Marans. “In fact, they were clever, though admittedly diabolical, schemes to cut that pesky Euro down to size, so that Blofeld could be priced within reach of an even greater number of hardworking
America and Canadian synthesists.”

Blofeld has been the recipient of numerous rave reviews from a variety of major music magazines, all of whom have made note of the unit’s exceptional value. With the dollar’s recent gains against the Euro, and the resultant rebate, the unit’s economic value is even more striking.

“Its about time the poor beleaguered Yankee dollar regained its rightful stature,” added Dino Virella, MV Pro Audio’s executive vice president, stifling a tear as the obvious patriotic nature of his words came home to roost in his good ol’ American soul. “This’ll teach those commies to mess with our currency!”

Being careful not to dilute Virella’s passion, Marans pointed out that Blofeld was actually made in Germany, and boasted one of the most powerful and sophisticated synth engines available today---a synth engine defined and refined by years of innovation, and revered by musicians around the world.

The $50 rebate is available on all Blofeld desktop synthesizer purchases made from
authorized U.S. or Canadian Waldorf dealers between October 8th, 2008 and November 30th, 2008. A downloadable rebate form, complete with the rules and regulations governing the program is available here.

Waldorf's Evil Genius Strikes Again:
ew Blofeld Keyboard Poised to Blow Away Musicians World-wide!

September 9, 2008, Santa Barbara, CA: Just when you thought it was safe to venture into your local music emporium, the sonic madness that is Blofeld has been reincarnated as a fiendishly elegant keyboard, complete with a devastating 60MB of user sample memory, killer semi-weighted keyboard action, and a deceptively alluring armored exterior. Set to arrive in stores in the coming weeks, the new board is already creating havoc among users clamoring to be the first to generate sonic mayhem with its explosive synth engine.

The brilliant bald madman behind the machine was obviously pleased with his latest offering, yet visibly upset by the positive reception it was getting from his intended victims. When queried, he sighed "Yah, I know, da keys is my finest vork ever, yah. But dis machine has ruint my reputation. Dey all love it so much. I vanted them to be miserable. I vanted them to fear me! Ach du lieber! Vat's a poor, demonic psychopath to do?"

One glance at the feature set, and it's not hard to see why the keyboard is stirring strong feelings of desire, not dread, among its target audience. To wit: All of the critically-acclaimed features of the Blofeld module are present, including:

Virtual analog, wavetable, and sample-based oscillators
3 oscillators, 2 filters, 3 LFOs, and 4 envelopes per voice
Up to 25-voice polyphony
Over 1000 sounds
Extensive modulation capabilities
Intelligent arpeggiator
16-part multitimbral mode
Dual multi-effects
Backlit 128 x 64 pixel LCD

While the keyboard model also boasts:

60MB user sample RAM (load your own waves!)
49-note semi-weighted keyboard with aftertouch
MIDI in/out (5-pin and USB)
Pitch-bend and modulation wheels
Internal power supply
Rugged metal case
Class compliant USB MIDI for PC, Mac, and Linux

"Hokay. So maybe I haf to tone down da evildoings for da next few months, yah" Mr. Blofeld lamented. "But come next year, make no mistake: I vill scare your panties off! Bwaa, haa, haa!"


Softube Tube-Tech CL 1B Native Released

Waldorf Largo In Stores Now!

Softube EPIC Bundle Now Available

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Softube Metal Amp Room V1.1 Update

Waldorf Blofeld Prices Slashed!

Softube Amp Plug-ins Rock the Americas

$50 Rebate on Blofeld Desktop Synthesizer

Blofeld Keyboard Attacking Soon!


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